Meet The Team

4D Homes Custom Home Builder Mornington Peninsula Dale Bushby

Director / Project Manager

A house is built from the ground up, and getting a house out of the ground fast is where Dales exemplary contraction skills just begin.

As a keen motor sport enthusiast, it is no surprise that Dale is most comfortable in the uncomfortable. Building on the side of a hill, drilling meters into the ground, or squeezing the impossible onto the narrowest of blocks. Dale builds where others won’t, all with a unique level of confidence and calmness. 

4D Homes Custom Home Builder Mornington Peninsula Jono Waterworth

Director / Project Manager

Having lived on the Peninsula for over 15 years, Jono has built a house on almost every corner.
Jono has the best trades and suppliers in the peninsula on speed dial to make sure every house is built on-time and with pinpoint accuracy.

With his old school values, natural organisational skills and attention to detail, Jono takes on the most complex projects and turns them into a reality.

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